Be Smart When Looking For Luxury PG Apartments

Most of the demand for Luxury paying guest (PG) apartments in Pune comes from the large number of migrant workforce employed in IT firms in the city. The students who come to this region for their higher education mostly look for cheaper accommodation with their main preference being food and a hygienic place to live in. They generally like to share rooms with their colleagues or friends and opt for PG instead of hostels in Pune as these offers better facilities on several fronts, namely in terms of flexibility for visitors, relaxed timing and better privacy. The demands of working professionals are however slightly different and they do not mind paying extra money to get better facilities and dedicated rooms. Having said this, most times the promised amenities are not delivered and therefore you must be smart when looking for luxury PG apartments. Here is the checklist of the steps that you need to take when scouting for PG in Pune –


Search for paying guest accommodation / hostel on reliable online real estate portal

The biggest challenge that you face when looking for PG, hostel or rented flats in Pune or any other city is verifying the authenticity of the property. The task gets even more daunting if you are a migrant to the city and are not aware of the ground realities. It is therefore best to search for properties on reliable online real estate portals like This is because this site only hosts genuine properties and therefore you do not have to worry about the legitimacy of the accommodation. In addition to this, all properties listed on this site are physically verified and their documents are thoroughly examined before being put on its web portal. This is not all; it also provides the minutest details of all realty assets on its site including the real pictures, specification, features, amenity information, rating on lifestyle, transportation and society along with pricing data. All of these features help a great deal in finalizing a place for your stay and making your home search experience easy, hassle-free and convenient.

Transacting through branded web portals helps to get rid of fear and anxiety associated with property deals

When you search for luxury PG apartments, there is always a fear of you being taken to ride by landlords, and therefore it is best to be safe then to be sorry. You must exercise absolute caution before finalizing the deal and signing on the contract papers. The best approach is to transact through credible, transparent and branded web portal like that has just launched new brand LookUp, whose team of experts will guide you through each step of your transaction. They’ll help you with the documentation, legal aspects and the procedures involved and ensure that there is no compromise with your interest. This greatly helps to get rid of fear, stress and anxiety associated with property dealings.

It is extremely important that your agreement includes each detail. You must ensure that all the inventories are annexed in your lease paper. The contract must have the breakdown of all expenses such as rent, security deposit, light and water bill, meals, laundry charges, internet and cable fee, etc. It must also include a clause for purified water, sufficient ventilation such that each room has either a fan or AC or both, Wi-Fi, stilt parking and sufficient security so that your belongings are secured. Transacting through real estate portal gets you the required guidance and helps in making a robust contract for your flats for rent in Pune that safeguards you from any pleasant experience in future.